Spirit Halloween

On August 20th 2010 I started working my second season at the Spirit Halloween store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This time the store was located in a different and much larger building than the one from the year before. We had much more space, and our backstock/storage areas were much bigger in this "new" building. One of the back areas was a large warehouse-like room, which upon first entering it I found it to be full of all sorts of old furniture - tables, chairs, couches - and decor like paintings and lamps and such. I was then told that this room was being used to store all these items from a nearby antique shop that had been flooded. Antiques? Ooh, yes! As a ghost hunter/paranormal investigator, this definitely piqued my interest. Especially since I had gotten a creepy/weird feeling the very first time I walked into this room. And I continued to get this feeling every single time I came back into this storage area.

Besides the antique storage room I never noticed anything strange at the store. Never had any experiences I'd call paranormal. Although I did have a coworker who reported experiencing some strange things when she'd open the store in the morning. That may or may not be something (or someone) attributed to or attached to her rather than the store itself. We also had another store in Broken Arrow. Throughout my months at the Tulsa store I kept being told that the employees at the BA store were really starting to think it was haunted. Ha! How I love to hear that! I wish we could have had more of that at the Tulsa store! Actually, while I personally did not experience anything at the 2010 store, I did have an odd experience while working at the Tulsa store back in 2009. While using the bathroom I heard and saw the doorknob jangling, as if someone was trying to get in. I announced to whoever was on the other side of the door that I was in the bathroom. The jangling stopped, but when I left I found no one outside the bathroom waiting to use it. And it was a short period of time in between. I figured someone must have just left and decided to come back later, but when I confronted my coworkers about it none of them knew what I was talking about. I asked all the other employees there and all of them said it wasn't them. So, was it paranormal? It's possible. There were other weird things reported by some of my coworkers in that store as well. Like opening the store in the morning to find items moved to different spots or placed in odd positions. Possible paranormal activity, yes. Then again, it's also a store full of employees who enjoy playing pranks on each other. But when they deny any involvement, you do start to wonder. Who's playing the poltergeist-like pranks? Could it be a spirit with a sense of humor? Or a lost soul trying to communicate? Whatever the case, I think Spirit Halloween certainly lives up to its name.

But, back to the room. I never spent much time in the antique storage area. I only ever went in there because that was where I had been keeping my purse and belongings. And every time I did go in there I got a funny feeling. Like there was someone else in there with me. Like I was being watched. Suggestion? Maybe. It was a large, dark, quiet, and isolated room full of antiques after all. Whatever it was, I was intrigued by it. However it wasn't long before I moved my things to a different spot in the store. Not out of fear but for the mere fact that I didn't feel they were very secure in there. I actually liked the antique room. It gave me the creeps. It weirded me out and I loved that about it. And although I spent most of my time keeping busy working and not stepping foot in this room, I remained curious about it throughout all my months at the store.

During my last week at the store after we had closed and were packing everything up my coworker Jason started to bring his 9-year-old daughter Alexis to hang out there with us after school. I had met Alexis a couple weeks before. I enjoyed talking with her a lot. She is very much interested in ghosts and the paranormal. A very young girl but very enthusiastic about this field. Perhaps a possible future ghost hunter? We shall see.

So, it was because of her hanging out at the store that I decided to bring my ghost hunting gadgets on my last day (November 4th 2010) working there. I wanted to let Alexis take a look at some of the basic tools and devices that paranormal investigators use, but also let her get some firsthand experience at actually using them. Let her get a feel of what it's like to be a ghost hunter and to use this kind of equipment. So I let her walk around with my ELF EMF detector. I also decided that this would be a great opportunity to investigate the antique storage room and try some EVP sessions in there. Although, this was more for fun and training than anything else. The conditions during this session are about as far from preferable as you can get for an investigator. Loud noises coming from coworkers packing things up in the main store area, music blasting from a radio in another part of the store, wind outside - THESE TYPE OF UNCONTROLLED CONDTIONS CAN DISCREDIT ANY POSSIBLE EVPs, AND IT'S PROBABLY BETTER TO JUST DISMISS THEM ENTIRELY. Sure the room was fairly quiet, and the outside sounds were muffled for the most part, but I knew this was still horribly uncontrolled. That's why I was treating it more like a fun little training session. I didn't expect to get anything from it. However, I cannot deny the weird feeling/vibe I was getting from the room during our time in there, and that it did feel somewhat...active. Like there were others there in the room with us. We heard lots of noises, we felt things...but was any of it paranormal? I'm very uncertain about that. I just know that it didn't feel like we were alone in that room, and I'm left wondering about the sounds and voices we recorded. Alexis and I were the only ones in that room during our session, and yet we have recorded voices other than our own that sound like they are right there in the room with us. There was only one time when I recall any coworkers nearby the room, and that was when they actually came into the room to see what we were doing. Besides that, there was no one else nearby. I would think with as loud and clear and close as some of these voices sound we would have heard them right outside the storage room door and tagged them during the session. However, I do not recall hearing any of that at all. So I really don't know what to make of these recordings. I'm left feeling unsure, but still very intrigued by what could be possible paranormal evidence. If you can recognize or identify anything, please let me know! Thanks!

Here are some of the noises and POSSIBLE EVPs we got from one of our sessions in the antique storage room:

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)      http://thelastsoul.webs.com/AntiqueStorageRoom_SpiritHalloween_1LoudScreech1.mp3

This was a recording I was asked to put on here. It's the point in the session where Jason and another coworker, Shannan, came into the room to see what we were up to. Shannan had goofed around and shook the box he was holding to purposely make a bunch of noise and try to be spooky. On the recording you can hear him exclaim "Woooo!" - an attempted ghost sound I guess. But right before he does that there is a loud screeching type of sound. It almost sounds like an animal. I do not know if this is Shannan or not. I do not recall him making this sound. However, he was goofing around and making a bunch of noises so it is possible that it's him. Even though it doesn't really sound human to me. Perhaps it is just the sound of something being moved in the room. It's difficult to tell.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)      http://thelastsoul.webs.com/AntiqueStorageRoom_SpiritHalloween_1Footsteps1.mp3

I comment on the weird vibe in the room and ask if it's because there's someone in there with us...someone attached to one of the antiques. About 14 seconds into the recording there are some noises. This is when it sounded like someone or something was shuffling about or walking on the other side of the room. I make a comment about it sounding like footsteps.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)      http://thelastsoul.webs.com/AntiqueStorageRoom_SpiritHalloween_1UnknownVoiceTalking1.mp3

This was right after we heard the footsteps. I decide to walk over to that part of the room, although I leave my recorder where it is on the table. So you hear me at the beginning asking whatever made the noises to come over to us. Then I say in a low voice that I'm going to walk down there real quick. I say something about turning off the motion sensor before I set it off as I walk up to it, and then announce it was just me that set it off. After that, and at about 14 seconds into the recording a gruff-sounding voice says something. The voice is right before I ask if someone is over there.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)      http://thelastsoul.webs.com/AntiqueStorageRoom_SpiritHalloween_1FroggyWhispering1.mp3 

This was when Alexis was trying to find a picture of a puppy that she said the EMF detector spiked at while she was exploring the room by herself before our EVP session. I'm talking about some paintings of human historical figures with dog heads, and then she starts to say something. At about 5 seconds into the recording there is a low, almost froggy-sounding voice that whispers something behind us talking.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)      http://thelastsoul.webs.com/AntiqueStorageRoom_SpiritHalloween_1UnknownVoicesTalking1.mp3   

This recording in particular is very frustrating and iffy for me, because there are just so many voices in it. I can't tell who's alive and who's dead! lol. Seriously though, it sounds like there's at least two other people in the room with Alexis and I. In the beginning Alexis announces that she found the picture she was looking for. I say "You found it?" and then she says she's going to get it. After that and about 5 seconds into the recording there is a voice - one that I don't recognize. It sounds like it's talking about spray paint. I'm not sure, but they say a whole sentence. It also sounds like a little kid is talking right after that. At first I thought it was Alexis, but if you listen carefully (around 10 seconds into it) it sounds like another child is talking, and is still talking when Alexis starts to sing/say something. Perhaps it is a little kid. Alexis did say she felt like a little boy was with us. I then say "Hmm..." as I'm looking at the picture of the dog and then ask "Is this your puppy?" There is a child's voice in between then, who I assume is Alexis but I honestly don't know. There are just so many voices and question marks in this one that it leaves me scratching my head and wondering if I should just disregard it altogether. However, I find it very interesting, and I'm hoping to be able to identify the voices, whether spirit or not.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)      http://thelastsoul.webs.com/AntiqueStorageRoom_SpiritHalloween_1Knocks1.mp3

There are several knocks heard at the beginning. Possibly even a whispered voice before the knocks, it's difficult to tell. What's strange about this is that Alexis says she just heard four knocks, and my response to that is "Did you?". Did you? What?! HOW DID I NOT HEAR THOSE?! They sound so loud! And close to my recorder too! I have no idea how I did not hear those knocking sounds. Unless they were truly phantom knocks that Alexis heard and I did not. I do not know!

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