This is a collection of paranormal evidence that I have captured, recorded, or that I was somehow involved in the documentation of.



EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. They are the voices and sounds (such as knocks, footsteps, etc.) - believed to come from spirits - that are captured using various audio recording devices. EVPs are usually not heard by the human ear while actually recording, but instead are discovered while playing back and listening to the recording afterward. Below are some EVPs that I either captured or was present for when they were recorded.

(Note: Depending on your connection speed, the recordings may sound choppy or pause frequently. If this is the case, please allow them to finish loading and then try listening to them again. Also, the recordings don't work or show up on the page with some browsers.)

Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery - Sand Springs, OK

Recorded by Beckie.

This was my very first EVP. I recorded it while some from ESPI were exploring the Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery in Sand Springs on the night of April 4th, 2008. I tried to clean it up to the best of my ability, but I'm still new to editing EVPs so I don't know how well it turned out. I reduced the background noise, but the crunching sound got even louder. The voice is louder too though, so hopefully you'll be able hear it. It's taken a lot of trial and error, and I actually kept re-doing it because I just couldn't seem to get it right.

Alright, so here we go. If I recall correctly, I was over near the children's graves when this was recorded.

(Original Recording)  http://thelastsoul.webs.com/WoodlandCemetery04-04-08EVPHereTakeMyHandOriginal.mp3

(Edited Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/WoodlandCemetery04-04-08EVPHereTakeMyHandEdited.mp3

You can hear the loud crunching of me walking on the leaves, but also the sound of someone whispering. After that you can hear me sniffle a couple times and then my friend Stacey saying, "Hello, hello." To us, the person whispering sounds like a girl. We have an idea of what she's saying, but we're not for sure. I personally think she says, "Here, take my hand."

Recorded by Beckie.

Here is another apparent EVP I recorded while visiting Woodland Memorial Park Cemetery on May 20th, 2008. This one is easier to hear because the voice is louder and I'm not walking on any grass or leaves at the time.

(Original Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/WoodlandCemetery05-20-08EVPYoureWelcomeOriginal.mp3

After Stacey says, "Come talk to us," there is about an 8 second pause and then it sounds like somebody is whispering something. Sounds like it could be "You're welcome." The voice also sounds female again. Perhaps it's another girl or the same one as before. We don't think it's the person Stacey was addressing because we were at the grave of a 45-year-old man and the voice doesn't sound like a man's to us.

Floral Haven Cemetery - Broken Arrow, OK

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)  

I recorded this at Floral Haven Cemetery on June 1st, 2008. Sounds like someone is whispering "Help" while Josh and I were walking over to the graves.

Private Residence - Newkirk, OK

This is from ESPI's Case File #110808.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/PrivateResidence110808_EVP_TwoKnocksOriginal.mp3

Right after Linda asks, "Is she helping you come through?" there are two knocks. There are also some more knocking sounds toward the end, which apparently were not heard by the group.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/PrivateResidence110808_EVP_Knock_YesYouDoOriginal.mp3

At one point during the session I asked "Are you a man?" and we heard what sounded like a knock. On the recording you hear me ask about it and say "I don't know what that could have been." Right after that (near the end of the recording), you hear what sounds like a voice, which to me sounds like it's saying "Yes you do."

The voice sounds male and deep. Ron was the only man in the house at the time, and though his voice is deep I do not recall him saying that and Ron himself said it was not him. Both he and Linda agree it's not him, but they believe the voice is saying something in Native American.
Outlaw's Roadhouse Club - Tulsa, OK
Just a minute or so after 11:30 PM before I had started my EVP session, a female laugh was heard by most of the group present. It had sounded like it came from behind the building outside. Initially it was dismissed as someone just walking by outside, but after the session was over the bar employees - Clint and Sarah - and a patron asked if the team had heard the laugh. We told them we had but thought it was just someone outside behind the building. They then informed us that no one ever walks behind the building, especially at that time of night. Furthermore, they asserted that had it been a real person, Jake the dog - who was resting calmly on the floor throughout the investigation - would have charged the back door and barked loudly. We later checked our digital voice recorders and found that the laugh had been recorded by at least two people, but not recorded by everyone, even by a recorder that was actually closer to the supposed source of the sound. While I admit I should have checked behind the building right after I heard the laugh instead of automatically dismissing it, that being a bad investigator move on my part, I do find the circumstances to be very interesting.

Recorded by Anna.

(Original Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/OutlawsRoadhouse010409EVP_FemaleLaugh.mp3

Anna managed to get the female laugh that was heard just before I started my EVP session.

Downtown - Tulsa, OK

Recorded by Nancy.

(Original Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/DowntownTulsa040509EVP_IllShowYouPorkDinner.mp3

Nancy (my mom) recorded this while driving around in downtown Tulsa on April 5th, 2009. After spending a cold Sunday at the Maple Ridge Home and Garden Tour, Nancy decided to drive around downtown while Jackie and I whined about being really hungry. I had stood by the fire while on the tour to keep warm and was still smelling of the smoke, making me crave some type of smoked meat. So me and Jackie joked and shouted about wanting pork. Right after we do, a male voice is heard, saying something like "I'll show you pork dinner." There was no man in the car at the time, or anyone else other than the three of us.

Private Residence - Prattville, OK

This is from O.G.I. (G.S.I.)'s Case File #041010.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Original Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/Client041010Interview1_Whisper1.mp3

I recorded this during an interview with the clients. Keith is talking to the client's daughter (who laughs after Keith jokes about his age) and then an unknown voice whispers something. We cannot tell what it is saying.

Recorded by Beckie.

(Edited Recording)    http://thelastsoul.webs.com/PrivateResidence041010EVPSession1_Whisper2.mp3

This is another EVP I got for this case. Sounds like a voice faintly whispers something right before I start talking. Not sure what is being said, but it kind of sounds like "Apple".

Private Business - Tulsa, OK

This is from an investigation O.G.I. (G.S.I) did on June 18th, 2010 and is from Case File #0619102. This is an undisclosed location we'd investigated before and basically used as our team's training center.

Recorded by Beckie.
(Original Recording)   http://thelastsoul.webs.com/PrivateBusiness061810_2ThreeKnocks.mp3

Scott and I were doing an EVP session in a certain room. At one point I ask for whatever spirit present to please make two loud, booming knocks. A few seconds later - as if in response - three loud knocks are heard. They sounded VERY close, like they were in the same room with us. For me, these knocks sounded too good to be true, and I was sure they had to have been made by one of the other team members. However, upon checking outside the room there was no one, and afterward we discovered that none of the other team members were nearby and said they had not made the knocks. Upon video review everyone was accounted for. Furthermore, some of the team went back to try to see what could have made the knocking on wood type of sound outside the room, or if someone could have done it outside of the room. Keith came to the conclusion that nothing could have caused the sound outside of the room. The room we were in does not have an up or downstairs to it and the walls are solid masonry. So, even if someone said it was outside, it would have been a solid thud against rock and brick. That being said, the knocks had to have come from inside the same room that Scott and I were in. I'm still blown away by these knocks, and still almost in disbelief. These are the loudest and clearest knocks I have EVER heard, and I'm left believing (though still somewhat skeptically) that they must have been paranormal. They did three knocks instead of two, but they sounded very intelligent and deliberate, and are one of the best spirit responses I've ever personally witnessed.



Disembodied Voice or Cry - Former Funeral Home - Sapulpa, OK

While sitting at a table changing out her recorder's batteries (in what used to be the chapel room) during the investigation of the former funeral home in Sapulpa, OK, former S.P.O.OK team member Beckie heard what sounded like a disembodied voice - almost like a cry or moan.


 K-II Spike - Mannford Home - Mannford, OK 

 While doing an EVP session and asking the spirits to show a sign of their presence during the investigation of the home in Mannford, OK, the K-II meter on the coffee table suddenly spiked.




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