Demons are one of the most controversial subjects in the paranormal field. There may be some people who will tell you that demons have nothing to do with the paranormal, but I disagree, seeing as they are thought to be supernatural entities and because they are often associated with hauntings or places or people tied to spirit activity. Then of course there are some people who don?t believe in demons at all. It may be because of their religion, their fears, or because they simply do not believe in an all evil, inhuman entity. Or maybe they are not aware of the cases and stories that strongly suggest that they really do exist.

But on the flipside, there are some people who do not believe in human spirits and think they are all demons, disguising themselves in order to deceive loved ones. I don?t think the evidence supports this at all. I definitely believe in demons, and I believe demons CAN and DO disguise themselves as deceased people, but I personally believe (as does most of the paranormal community) that's what most spirits truly are: people who have died.

So what exactly is a demon? I know I can?t say for sure, but the common belief is that they are evil, non-human spirits/entities that are negative and harmful, and usually appear after being summoned through something like a ouija board or through some kind of dark satanic ritual or black magic. Although that's not always the case. Many people (especially those who follow the Christian and Catholic faiths) believe demons to be fallen angels who sided with Lucifer (Satan). There is a strong Biblical tie to demons, however, other cultures and religions have their own beliefs and origins for demons too. I think pretty much every one of them believes in some sort of evil spirits or entities. Where demons really come from I don?t know, but regardless of their origin, they are known to be very harassing and destructive. They want to drag people down and destroy their faith, their sanity, their family, their home, their LIFE. That is often the goal of a demon. To turn your life into hell. I call demons the parasite of the paranormal world. They live to feed off the misery of mankind. And they choose a human host to do so. They leech on and suck the very life out of you. They work to steal your the form of infestation, oppression, and most alarming, possession. That's when things can get downright deadly.

Demonic cases are not for the beginner investigator or thrill-seeking ghost hunter. Although I admit I have a fascination with demons and evil entities and do get excited at the opportunity to challenge them, I still know these cases have to be taken very seriously. Paranormal investigators and people visiting locations with reported activity need to be cautious and aware of these entities. They can appear as monsters, disfigured humans, or they may disguise themselves as a friendly spirit (such as an innocent child), so keep your guard up. These things can be VERY dangerous. In the words of the Shield of St. Michael website, ?You run the risk of encountering something dark when you delve into the supernatural world. It's a good idea to be prepared and protected.? I wholeheartedly agree.

Ways to Protect Yourself:

  • Always ground yourself before an investigation, or when feeling anxious or troubled. Clear your mind and focus on rooting yourself to the earth and picture a white (or whatever color you prefer) light of protection surrounding you, going up from your feet to the top of your head. You can also say a prayer during this.
  • Keep holy water, annointing oil, and salt nearby, or stored somewhere where you can get to it easily. Take with you if going to a paranormally-active location. If you feel you or someone else is under attack, spray or douse them with the holy water, or rub it on forehead in the sign of a cross. You can also do this with the annointing oil. Salt is used for lining doors and windowsills to keep anything negative or harmful out. And for making circles of protection around people.
  • Wear or carry crosses, pentacles, blessed medals, stones, amulets - whatever works for you. And believe in them. They won't work if you don't have faith that they do.
  • If you're a follower of the Bible, keep it nearby and read from it to make you feel more comfortable and safe and help drive away any negative, ungodly forces.
  • Read or say aloud prayers of protection before an investigation and during times when one feels under attack. If this occurs, also use prayers to expel the entity.
  • Have a demonologist on your team or in your contacts, or even an exorcist or someone who has experience or knows how to deal with and banish demons and evil spirits.
  • Have faith and stay positive. If you do not believe in a higher power, at least believe in your own power and ability to overcome any negative or destructive force that comes your way. Don't let it bring you down. Believe you can beat it, because you CAN. Good conquers Evil.

?Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the divine power of God, cast into Hell, Satan, and all the evil spirits who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.?
- Saint Michael Prayer

Some Possible Signs of Demonic Activity:

  • Feelings of fear, anger, or negativity.
  • Physical attacks (getting violently pushed, thrown, choked, smacked, punched, scratched, burned, becoming ill).
  • Spiritual attacks (losing faith, feeling hopeless, depressed).
  • Experiencing activity at or around 3 AM.
  • Experiencing things in 3?s or 6's (such as 3 knocks or 3 scratches/claw marks).
  • Random moodswings (especially to negative ones such as depression or extreme anger).
  • Saying or doing things that are not like yourself. Behaving abnormally.
  • An increase in or sudden anger, tension, frustration, and fighting in the household or among family members/friends. And/or an increase in or sudden depression.
  • Isolating oneself from others.
  • Eyes going completely black.
  • Growling or hearing growling.
  • Face changing or contorting to angry, aggressive snarls.
  • One's body contorting in painful and/or seemingly impossible ways.
  • Levitation.
  • Smelling foul, sourceless odors (like sulfur or something dead).
  • Talking in Latin or other languages.
  • Cussing and using vulgar words.
  • Rejecting God/Jesus and/or using hateful words against them.
  • Negative or painful reactions to holy water, crosses, or other religious items.
  • Witnessing black (maybe even hooded) human-like apparitions, grotesque or disfigured human-like apparitions, or even ones that look completely inhuman and monstrous (some demonic figures or apparitions may appear human and innocent, maybe even friendly so that they may lure you in and gain your trust).


Mirrors: Demonic Portals?
I've heard and read about ghosts and spirits manifesting in mirrors. Some people even say mirrors are doorways to another realm. I do think this could be true, and I definitely believe people have seen ghosts when looking at or into a mirror. But is the ghost actually in the mirror, or is it their reflection as they stare behind the observer? I think it can be either or, depending on the situation. Mirrors are also used for scrying. Scrying is a magic practice or method that involves seeing things psychically in a medium, usually for the purpose of seeing spiritual visions or for the purpose of divination or fortune-telling. The most common media used for scrying are reflective, translucent, or luminescent substances such as crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, or smoke. Although scrying is most commonly done with a crystal ball, people do use these other methods. Sometimes people say they can see their own features change and become someone else's when they scry, as if the spirit is communicating or channeling through them, which would be another way to see a ghost in a mirror. So, it seems the mirror does indeed have a connection to the spirit world and psychic phenomena.

I honestly didn't think much about mirrors and the paranormal until a case I did with S.P.O.OK back in March of 2009. This was a case that had been referred to us by another paranormal team (OKPRI), and we decided to check into it. The location was a private residence. A mobile home. During our preliminary visit we learned of the clients' claims and experiences. They did indeed sound demonic in nature. I can't remember them all exactly, and the information we collected and recorded is not in my possession to fall back on, but I do recall claims of violent activity: lit cigarettes being thrown at people, other objects being thrown around, a small child being thrown into his bed, an increase in tension and fighting in the household, activity at or around 3 AM, hearing voices, and an apparition of a dark man in a mask. Some of those claims could possibly even fall under the poltergeist category, but there were things that pointed to something else. Something dark, intelligent, and malicious. And the clients were definitely fearful and wanted to rid this thing from their home. However, we wanted to investigate it first before drawing any real conclusions.

During that first visit I couldn't help but notice that the large mirror in the bathroom at the end of the trailer faced the mirrors that were above the couch in the living room. When I first saw that it made me think of something that I swear I've read or heard before: that when mirrors face each other they create a portal or gateway for spirits. I began to theorize that perhaps whatever spirit(s) or entities that were present were using the mirror to pass through and enter the home whenever they please. Not that I believe a spirit needs a mirror to do so, especially a demon, but it could have provided an easy portal for them.

Before leaving the residence I sprayed holy water in the form of a cross on all the mirrors, hoping it would somehow keep any negative entities from passing through them. We later heard from the clients that their home had basically went bonkers after our departure, and that doors were violently flying open and closed on their own and the bathroom mirror had turned black. If that was true, had we provoked what was inside? I can't help but think so.

The actual investigation itself wasn't an incredibly eventful night. Well, not in a BIG, BOOMING kind of way. It didn't get chaotic, but some things did happen. It seemed some activity was present. During the night we kept hearing popping sounds, and seeing shadow movement with the large mirror in the bathroom. Some of us even saw some ribbons of light that we could not find an explanation for. Jim even said he felt something thump him on the head. I felt stomach pains, and at one point during the night one of the investigators suddenly collapsed to the floor. Now I can't say if this was due to her own health problems or something paranormal, but it definitely alarmed us when it happened.

Upon reviewing the evidence after the investigation, we found some potentially disturbing images. Byron and the other investigator captured some pictures that just might be of demonic entities. If you wish to see them you must go to the S.P.O.OK page for that specific investigation. One shows what looks like a long, inhuman face with a gaping mouth in the mirror. The other shows what looks like a red-colored gremlin-like creature. Someone identified that one as being an imp - a lower level demon. To be quite honest I'm not really sure what to make of the pictures. I do think that is what they look like, but I can't help but be skeptical of blurry, zoomed in photos. However, it does seem to coincide with the activity and claims, so, maybe these truly are demons caught on camera.

After the investigation, we did enlist the help of someone who claimed to be able to banish spirits and evil entities. If I recall correctly, it had worked...temporarily. But last I heard, sometime later that large bathroom mirror - the seemingly focus of the activity - suddenly exploded. That's right, I said the mirror exploded. That's what I was told anyway. I can't say for sure because I wasn't there to witness it, and it is a pretty dramatic and extraordinary claim. But, I think it's possible that it could have happened. Especially if that mirror truly was a portal or focus of what was going on. I don't know what became of the clients. I think they moved but I'm not certain about that. Wherever they are, I hope they have left the demonic or negative entities behind. Since this case, I always try to include spraying or drawing a cross with holy water on mirrors during a cleansing of a location. You never know what could be on the other side of that glass.

Demonic Attachments
Those who involve themselves in the paranormal or visit haunted locations always take the chance of someone or something going home with them. It kind of comes with the territory of being an investigator or ghost hunter. Sometimes your phantom hitchhikers turned ghostly guests only stick around for a day or two, other times longer. I think most of the time they eventually just leave on their own (or after you tell them to), but in some cases they actually attach themselves to a specific person and hang around for as long as they can. This doesn?t mean it has to be a bad or evil spirit. Good spirits attach themselves to people too, like relatives or close friends, or lost souls who merely want someone to communicate with and help them not feel alone. This is probably what most spirit attachments are. I personally feel there is a young female spirit attached to me, which I?ll go into about on another page. I also think I have brought other spirits home from investigations, although luckily they usually don?t seem to be negative or harmful. Not to my knowledge anyway. There was one instance after an investigation, however, where I felt I could have been possibly attacked - either by something that followed me home or something that was already attached to me - if it was paranormal that is. I don?t know what it was, but I know during the time it was happening I felt I was suddenly struck by something, and it was one the most horrible, sick feelings I have ever experienced (see Brief Illness? Or Attack? in My Experiences).

With that in mind, we move on to the negative attachments. The evil, the demonic, whatever you want to call them. The ones that wish you misery and harm. And I have no doubt in my mind that some of them do. Some people may not want to believe that spirits or entities can follow you home and attach to you (especially bad ones), but I?ve read and heard about it way too much from other investigators not to believe it. And I?ve had it happen myself, although they usually don?t bother me. For others, however, it?s a completely different story.

Not too long after S.P.O.OK?s seemingly demonic case of the mobile home in March of 2009, members of the team began to believe they were recording EVPs of a demonic entity that called itself "Ooogie". Yes, it?s a silly and not very threatening-sounding name, I know. I can?t remember if one of the investigators called it that name first and then others heard it present itself as such in the EVPs, or if it came up with the name itself. But either way, if what they thought they were hearing on those recordings was for real, then I get the impression this entity nicknamed itself that in a taunting, toying with us kind of way. It seemed?.maliciously mischievous. This "Ooogie" would make an appearance through EVPs during investigations at completely different locations. And if what the other investigators believed they heard on the EVPs was true, it knew where our team was headed next and planned to drop in and say hello. It became the belief of some of the members of S.P.O.OK that this demon or entity was following our team. It had attached itself to one of the investigators, or the whole team itself. I guess we had a bit of a supernatural stalker. Although, as I?ve said, I prefer to call them paranormal parasites.

Eventually, this entity focused on one member of the team in particular. It was the same investigator who had collapsed to the floor at the mobile home investigation. Was there a connection with that? I don?t know. I don?t even know if "Ooogie" was tied to the mobile home case. But whatever this thing was or wherever it came from, it decided that it had found a new playground in which to wreck havoc and strife. I don?t remember the exact details about the activity, but I know it was enough to distress the investigator and want to rid the entity from her home. Some of the other members of the team claimed they were experiencing things at their homes as well. I was even told that "Ooogie" had threatened to come to my house. Eventually, enough was enough. It was time to deal with this thing. Jim and Byron enlisted the help of one of the team members who claimed to be able to banish entities and set up a cleansing at the targeted investigator?s house. I was not there for the cleansing, so I do not know what all occurred during it, and it?s been a while since I last discussed it with my former teammates, so my memory is lacking. But I believe I heard it was a success. However, I don?t think the targeted investigator could bring herself to recover from it. At least, not enough to continue investigating the paranormal. She quit the team soon after that, and began to devote herself to a more church-centered lifestyle.

She also handed over her ghost-hunting equipment to Jim just before she left. Jim later gave me the Sony digital voice recorder that she had turned over to him. It was better than my Olympus one, so I was pretty pleased with it. It worked well for a while...but something happened with it that still baffles me, and since then it no longer records anymore (see why in Crimes & Tragedies). Luckily I now have an even better Sony digital voice recorder.

Reflecting back on all say I was skeptical about the whole scenario with "Ooogie" would not exactly be stating it correctly. I don?t think skeptical is the right word for it. I think uncertain is the word I would use. I don?t know if we truly had a demon following our team. For me I feel very much on the outside of it because I didn?t experience the things that the other investigators said they did. And I often have trouble hearing what others say they hear in a supposed EVP. It doesn?t mean what they say isn?t true. I don?t think that. But when I don't see it or hear it or experience what the others do, it kind of makes me feel like I?m not on the same page with everyone else. It's not that I don't believe it. I definitely think it's possible that S.P.O.OK had (or could still have) a demonic attachment. I know Byron has said he has had activity at home. He is still a good friend of mine, and someone that I believe and trust. If he feels strongly about something, I think it?s probably a good idea to follow his instincts. And I know he felt we had something dangerous on our hands. I take that into deep consideration.

Something else to EVP that was captured during this. One that I know disturbed Byron. A voice that said "Join us."

Was it a demonic entity beckoning an investigator to turn to their side? The side of Evil? Or encouraging them to kill themselves and enter the spirit realm? Was it "Ooogie"?

I don't know for sure......but if so, something tells me this isn't the last I've heard from the demonic.

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