Crimes & Tragedies

This page is in no way meant to offend or upset the families, friends, and loved ones of the victims of crimes and tragedies. Or to disrespect them or the victims themselves. I would never want to do that. I'd rather this page was seen as a memorial or tribute to them. But it's also a page to share my experiences and findings from my attempts to contact and communicate with them, and from hunting for clues at the crime scenes or searching for the remains. I want these victims and their loved loves to have justice. And closure. And I want to help the spirits of the victims...if I can.

R.I.P. Cori Baker

On November 9th, 2007, 13-year-old Cori Baker went missing in Tulsa, OK after leaving her school with her older sister's 18-year-old boyfriend, Marquis Bullock. For months the police could not find her or any remains, and she was feared dead. Marquis Bullock was arrested for her murder, in connection to being last seen with her, and for stains that tested positive for blood found in his car and on his shoes. During the months she was missing, a claimed psychic medium, Jeff Baker (seen on the tv show Psychic Challenge), came to Tulsa and tried to assist the police and family with solving the case and finding Cori. I don't remember the things he said he was getting or picking up on psychically, but he didn't find her, and not too long after he moved on to another town in Oklahoma to try to help with another missing/murdered child case.

Cori Jessie Baker Missing Since November 9, 2007 in Tulsa, OK ... Feared Dead, Marquis Milton Bullock Arrested

On March 20th 2008, a large group of us held a special paranormal meetup specifically to discuss the Cori Baker case and try to communicate with her. We used a ouija board. Yes, I said a ouija board. I know what a lot of people say and think about them, but I believe they can be used for serious spirit communication. I have my doubts and concerns about them as well, but it is a method that I do like to try sometimes. It was a very active session, with the planchette moving all across the board swiftly and seemingly gave us lots of messages. I remain quite skeptical about it, but, as I said, it's something I like to try. There was also a point during the meetup when one of the claimed psychic mediums of the group started to do automatic writing. This went on for several minutes and we got a large stack of papers with messages on them from it. Again, I was and still am skeptical about it, but I will say it was interesting, and worth checking into. And that's exactly what we planned to do. After all the supposed information we got we were all pretty gung-ho about going out to search for Cori's remains. We all really wanted to find her. Some of the group even said "We're going to find you tomorrow." My skeptical mind doubted it, but I definitely wanted to try. So the next morning on March 21st, which happened to be Good Friday, we all set out and met at Riverside, where our "information" seemed to have told us to go. One of the other claimed psychic mediums in the group said she knew exactly what had happened, and told some of us the story of Cori's murder and the things that had led up to it. It certainly sounded believable, but there are some reasons why I came to truly doubt and disbelieve it (I won't get into it all, however). One being the location. We searched the area for about 10 hours that day. We didn't find anything, as much as certain members of the group felt we were onto something. It began to feel like we were really in the wrong spot, and that's because we were. As much as we tried and wanted to find her, we realized it was not going to happen and we had to give up for the day.

It was definitely a letdown, but we had hoped we could try again another day. Everyone went home tired, as well as sunburned for myself. Later at home I went into the garage to get a load of laundry in the wash. I then got on the message board to discuss the Cori Baker case with the group. I suggested that we try another session to communicate with Cori, and that we should bring a basketball as kind of a way to get her attention and lure her in, since she loved to play basketball. After a little while I returned to the garage to put the laundry into the dryer. That's when I stopped, puzzled. The slightly flat basketball that had been sitting on a shelf was now in the middle of the pathway to the washing machine and dryer. It had not been there before. And I didn't see any reason for it to have fallen down or been knocked over. That basketball always sits in the same spot, never moving. Why was it sitting there on the floor? I thought this was really strange. I got back on the message board to tell the others about it. One of them was really excited and said we should bring MY basketball to the next meetup. we soon found out, I didn't need to. Soon after that we learned that some remains had been found in Sapulpa the same day we went searching for Cori's. And those remains turned out to be......Cori Baker's. She was found the day some of us said she was going to be found. Not in the location we had looked in, and not by us, but still, her remains were found....on that same exact day. Good Friday. I can't help but wonder if somehow our collective energies helped make that happen. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but it was weird. I also wonder if the basketball on the floor in our garage could have been a sign. Coincidence? Or could it have been.....Cori?

More Of Cori Baker's Remains Found 

In May of 2011 I went with some people to where Cori Baker's remains were found. I got really overwhelmed at the crime scene...uncomfortable feeling in my gut...and it was really hard to breathe. I had to step away for a bit. I got better as the night went on though. Eventually I started recording with my digital voice recorder, and was doing so when a few of us decided to do a ouija board session (for serious spirit communication, NOT for playing around) in a boat that was sitting there in the grass. After the session I picked up my recorder and found that it was no longer recording but on Play instead. It HAD been recording because the red light had been on. Well I just stopped the playback and started a new recording. After we left the area we were in and as we passed by some trees and bushes, me and the two girls who were with me heard the sound of something BIG moving around in them. And I mean this was definitely of large size. We actually thought it was a person and immediately went to check it out, but we found nothing. I got all excited thinking about how I had that moment recorded on my digital voice recorder. But when I played it back it was just static! On both recordings! I even put in new batteries and tried recording again and I was still just getting static. Months later I've tried recording with it and still the same thing. Just static. It won't record anymore. I have no idea what caused that to happen. It's possible that I could have accidentally hit Play when I picked up my recorder after the session, but I don't think that would have caused it to stop working. I think I've actually accidentally hit Play during Record before and since then on other recorders and haven't had that same problem. So what did happen to that recorder? Did it just crap out on me? Or did something else cause it to stop working? Although I'm skeptical, I do wonder if it could have been paranormal-related. That particular digital recorder was given to me after one of my fellow and former S.P.O.OK team members claimed to have paranormal - possibly even demonic - activity going on in her home and decided to leave the team and quit paranormal investigations. It was HER recorder, and it was given to me shortly after she left. I'm not sure if there is any connection there or not. I also wonder if it not working anymore had anything to do with the ouija board session we did. Did something bad come through? Or did we anger someone? Or did someone not want us to record any information from that crime scene? Or perhaps that specific spot we were in? I don't think I'll ever know. It may very well remain a mystery.

There are some other crimes I've been looking into, as well as other victims I've tried to communicate with to try to find out what happened...but as of right now I don't want to share the details. Hopefully it's something I can post on here in the future.

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