Case Files

This page features some case files I have written up for investigations I have been on. This is only a small handful of the investigations that I have actually participated in. There are many, many more that I did not write case files for. I am including most of the information I usually write up for a case file, but I do not have any of the evidence posted on these pages. You may check out my Evidence page and Photos for that of which is associated with these cases.  I also refer to myself in third person because I try to write from an outside, objective perspective.

ESPI Case File #071908 - Oak Hill Cemetery (Mannford, OK)

ESPI Case File #110808 - Private Residence (Newkirk, OK)

ESPI Case File #010409 - Outlaw's Roadhouse Club (Tulsa, OK)

ESPI Case File #061709 - Private Residence (Tulsa, OK)
O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #011610 - Private Residence (McAlester, OK)

O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #022710 - Private Residence (Tulsa, OK) 
O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #040710 - Private Residence (Chelsea, OK)

O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #041010 - Private Residence (Prattville, OK)

O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #043010 - Private Residence (Tulsa, OK)




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