Case Files

ESPI Case File #110808 - Private Residence (Newkirk, OK)

November 8th, 2008


Reason for Investigation: ESPI was invited to investigate this location by the homeowners - Linda and Ron - and were told that the Native American land it stands on has a lot of spirit activity and lore about “little people”, especially during the sweat lodge ceremonies.


Field Statistics:

  • Start Time: 11:00 PM
  • Solar Ray: Normal
  • Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
  • Temperature: 38 degrees
  • Humidity: 60%
  • Wind: NE 5 mph
  • Moon: Waxing Gibbous, 79% of Full
  • Type: Indoor/Outdoor Investigation

Conditionals: Heater turned on in house. Homeowners went outside to smoke on the porch during various times of the night.


Investigation: Little to no activity was experienced outside. At one point, however, sometime before midnight Stacey felt like something was standing behind her while she was next to the sweat lodge. She said she then turned around and became dizzy and felt the need to go back inside the house.

No apparent EVPs were recorded during the Midnight EVP session.

Several of the photos taken outside consisted of orbs. However, since the majority of orbs have natural explanations most of the photos were dismissed as counting toward evidence. But a few pictures had streaks of colorful light in them. Some paranormal investigators refer to streaks like these as supercharged orbs. These were more difficult to dismiss and therefore are considered a more possible sign of energy or paranormal activity. However, they also could have just been streaks of light caused by an error with the camera and certain light sources outside.

An EVP session took place after 1:00 AM in the living room area inside the home. An arrowhead was placed on a glass case to serve as a trigger object, and a motion sensor was set up in the doorway of the computer room/library. Neither the trigger object or motion sensor yielded any results, however we were able to capture some EVPs during the session. Furthermore, sounds were heard while attempting spirit communication, including knocks and taps - some of which were recorded.


Around 2:30 AM Beckie and Linda (one of the homeowners) both reported hearing what sounded like a female voice talking on the other end of a phone line.


There was also a swishing/small shuffling about kind of sound that seemed to be coming from near the window. It was heard by everyone present and occurred several times during the night. We thought it could have been an insect or a mouse but upon inspection we could not find anything. So the noise remains unexplained to us.

Please note that ESPI does not rely or make conclusions based solely on what are possibly psychic feelings and/or impressions. We do, however, note and document them in case they do turn out to be connected to something paranormal.

Conclusion: The investigation of Linda and Ron‘s home was a very enjoyable experience. The clients were very open and welcoming and shared some great stories and pictures. Although we experienced very little outside, we did possibly have some type of communication or activity going on inside the house. It was during the EVP session inside the home that we caught EVPs and heard strange noises. However, we did get some interesting pictures from outside - pictures that have the more unexplained type of phenomena in them. Though we are skeptical and do not believe 100% that these photos contain paranormal activity captured on camera, we do find these a little harder to dismiss than the usual orb. Uncertain as we are, we do consider the possibility of them being something paranormal.

It seems this particular area does have some kind of spiritual activity going on, whether it be Native American ancestors, relatives, or who knows what else. The area was once home to Native Americans, and the clients themselves are part Osage Indian and regularly hold sweat lodge ceremonies on their land. Since most of the activity is experienced during the ceremonies, it’s a likely theory that the spirits are drawn in and attracted to them, especially when being called upon. A sweat lodge ceremony is a spiritual affair, so it makes sense that spirits (and Native American ones at that) would want to take part in them.


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