Case Files

O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #043010 - Private Residence (Tulsa, OK)

April 30th, 2010 

Reason for Investigation: G.S.I. was referred by another client to contact this family for a investigation. The clients reported dark shadows, a figure in white, cold spots, the sounds of footsteps, phantom smells, random mood changes, problems with appliances and electronics, and the feeling of an evil presence.


Field Statistics:

  • Start Time: 7:00 PM
  • Solar Ray: Active
  • Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
  • Temperature: 68 degrees
  • Humidity: 68%
  • Wind: S 9 mph
  • Moon: Waning Gibbous, 93% of Full
  • Type: Indoor Investigation

Conditionals: Clients were smoking inside the residence during various parts of the investigation. Air conditioner was turned on.


Investigation: The living room served as the base room for the investigation, and is where the team had set up our DVR system/surveillance station. Here we were able to watch the monitor and observe/record what was going on in the other areas of the residence where we had positioned IR cameras.

During setup and baseline readings, Beckie became despondent and reported suddenly feeling ill and very sad. She then went outside for a break. After several minutes this seemed to subside, but throughout the investigation more than half the investigative team reported feeling ill or a heavy feeling inside the home. It seemed to somewhat subside as the night went on.

EVP sessions were conducted in each of the bedrooms by different team members throughout the night. At about 9:30 PM Keith and Adrienne conducted an EVP session in the master bedroom. Having felt like they were really not getting anywhere, Keith attempted to provoke by stomping his foot and shouting at who/what ever to come out. This was not preplanned and got Adrienne's attention pretty quick as well as those across the home. Almost immediately, Adrienne and Keith heard a VERY audible growl. This was not a growl as a dog would make, but a deep grumbling noise as a stomach would make. It was easily heard and they both stopped in their movements. Adrienne and Keith both confirmed that they were not the source of the noise. Keith again demanded and provoked which again got an immediate response, this time from another location within the room. This was the same growl but from another corner. A third attempt also received the same response, but again from a new location. It was very clear that this was coming from in the room and was an audible event that left little question that something was there. Prior to starting the session, Keith had turned on a strobe as well as the Zoom H2 and a Sony recorder. Upon ending the session he found the H2 was not recording, however the Sony was. On review, we found this audible event to have been clearly captured by the Sony voice recorder. Several other investigators attempted to get repeated results but we did not have more occur. The investigation slowly wound down and we packed up. Prior to leaving the home we performed a cleansing.

Please note that G.S.I. does not rely or make conclusions based solely on what are possibly psychic feelings and/or impressions. We do, however, note and document them in case they do turn out to be connected to something paranormal.



Conclusion: This was another case in which one person (Cael the client) appeared to be the target or center of activity. Most of the phenomena was reported to happen to or near her. Though others in the home also reported hearing or seeing something, Cael claimed the most experiences. For G.S.I., we knew we were in for a possibly interesting night right after the preliminary visit. During that visit and initial interview, we talked with the client in her living room. Nothing electronic was on at all in this or the other rooms. It was a very quiet home. The MEL was running and recording, as were two voice recorders. Midway into the interview, the MEL jumped up to above 5.2 and then back to the 0.0 that it had been all the rest of the time. Keith poked Angel who was next to him and pointed it out as the client talked. Two times during the interview this occurred. Then during the walkthrough, even more occurred. Our cursory EMF sweep was 0.0. Keith was leading down the hallway toward the bedroom where the bulk of activity was reported. Angel was taking still photos with her digital camera. The camera is just a few months old and has worked flawless since she has had it. Several times Keith noticed her stop and fiddle and he also noticed she was not taking the copious amounts of shots that is her norm. We finished our talk and walkthrough and left the residence. Upon exiting the home Angel stopped Beckie and Keith and told them that her camera was acting very strange. She reported that it went black on several occasions, would not take photos and then took photos on its own. As we sat in the car Keith looked at the camera. New batteries, plenty of memory. He checked the settings - everything was in order. It then snapped several pictures in good order. This was an unexplained event. There were also equipment anomalies during the actual investigation. During the night, there were several equipment failures that were really not easy to explain. Cameras that would not work in the home worked properly after exiting. Recorders that have not been known to malfunction did not record. This alone is not evidence of paranormal activity but taken together as a whole, starts to lend credibility to the claims. There were also several small EMF spikes that could not be explained. These appeared random and there was not a link to an event that could be determined. As for personal experiences, several of the team members felt ill and sad inside the home. There was also the loud, audible growls Keith and Adrienne heard during their EVP session. These growls were recorded, along with a few other EVPs (which to us sound like the word “Chicken” - a phantom smell one of the client’s children had experienced). So, after review of the evidence, the finding of the team was that some paranormal activity was present. While some of the reports likely have other explanations (possibly some just originally concluded by the clients out of fear or misunderstanding) we do believe the clients and ourselves experienced something paranormal inside the home. We cannot say for sure what it was however. Cael believed there was something negative or evil influencing them. But she also believed there was a figure in white that was maintaining them - helping to protect her and her family. This could be the case. Perhaps this was some sort of angelic entity or positive, protective spirit that was trying to bring some peace to the home. We cannot say for sure why the spirits were there or where they came from. Cael herself has had a history of experiencing paranormal phenomena. The entities and paranormal activity could also be linked to people and events from her past. She may even be somewhat of a sensitive and attracting the spirits. We consider these to all be possibilities. Whatever the case, the property was given a cleansing, and afterward the resident reported that they no longer see the shadows or hear the strange sounds that were present prior to. However, some activity is still being experienced. Cael reported a presence is still being felt. Even so, she now sleeps at night.  


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