Case Files

O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #041010 - Private Residence (Prattville, OK)

April 10th, 2010

Reason for Investigation: G.S.I. was contacted by the clients with a large variety of activity and strange occurrences going on at their residence, which they had just recently moved into. The claims included objects being moved, cold spots, strange or uncomfortable feelings, random mood changes, feelings of a presence on or near them, hearing voices, smelling sourceless odors, seeing shadows, taking pictures of what they believed to be misty apparitions, and most notably - as well as most alarming - the words “Get Out” being carved into the wall.


Field Statistics:

  • Start Time: 7:00 PM
  • Solar Ray: Normal
  • Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
  • Temperature: 78 degrees
  • Humidity: 17%
  • Wind: S 16 mph (gusting to 22 mph)
  • Moon: Waning Crescent, 12% of Full
  • Type: Indoor Investigation

Conditionals: Clients’ cats were moving about the residence during investigation.


Investigation: The living room served as the base room for the investigation, and is where the team had set up their DVR system/surveillance station. Here we were able to watch the monitor and observe/record what was going on in the other areas of the residence where we had positioned IR cameras.

Some EVP sessions were conducted in Lori's bedroom. The first was done by Keith. Beckie also tried an EVP session after him. Keith then later returned to this room for more sessions during the night. Little to no activity was experienced.

Linda was the first person to spend time in the roommates' bedroom. She stayed in the room for a fairly long time with her recorder going, and was later joined by the roommates/clients, Kenny and Brooke. Brooke reported getting a cramping pain in her stomach while standing there in the room, as well as feeling very cold. Her and Kenny both felt as though whatever presence was there was coming from inside the closet. Linda also tried scrying in the mirror while in the room. She did not report any results. Beckie later joined the group in the room and expressed feelings of uneasiness as well as cramping pains in her stomach. She then did a solo vigil in the room, filming with a camcorder and using a digital voice recorder for an EVP session. Keith also spent time in this room alone. Other than strange and uncomfortable feelings, little to no activity was experienced.

Keith also decided to check out the bathroom for a bit due to some of the reported claims having taken place there. He did not report experiencing any activity.


Please note that G.S.I. does not rely or make conclusions based solely on what are possibly psychic feelings and/or impressions. We do, however, note and document them in case they do turn out to be connected to something paranormal.



Conclusion: This case claimed quite the variety of paranormal phenomena and activity, however the investigation itself proved to be a rather quiet and uneventful night. We did not get anything in the line of video or photo evidence, although we were able to capture a few EVPs. G.S.I. was also able to debunk some of the claims themselves, but a great deal of it we do not have a direct answer to. We are unable to say with any confidence that all of the events that were reported were paranormal in nature. In fact, there exists several possible explanations to each and we cannot rule any out at this time. Environmental factors cannot be ruled out in the "creepy" feeling as you go to the back room and walk through an EMF field that is over 80 times the recommended exposure limits set by the WHO (World Health Organization). Furthermore, it was found that the floors were well out of level going in several downward drops of up to an inch and a half in some rooms. Thus the construction of the home can play a large part of any "uneasy” feeling being reported when you walk through. Especially in the dark when less visual reference is available, you can feel a very slight "vertigo" or strange feeling due to this out of level condition. Having said all of those things, we cannot discount the claims as not being paranormal. Lori has been a client of a previous paranormal investigation by one our team members, and has a history of experiencing paranormal phenomena. She may very well have spirits or entities attached to her and possibly following her around. We must also consider other explanations, including personal matters related to the clients. This case may require further investigation. The residence was given a cleansing at the clients’ request. We hope that our investigation can at least explain some of the events reported and offer some other explanations. It is our desire to report the findings fairly and honestly so that our clients can make their own opinions formed by good facts and data. We appreciate the chance to be part of this and any investigation.

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