Case Files

O.G.I. (G.S.I.) Case File #011610 - Private Residence (McAlester, OK)

January 16th, 2010

Reason for Investigation: G.S.I. was contacted by the clients with claims of strange activity in their residence and a recorded EVP. The claims included hearing footsteps, voices, the movement of inanimate objects, doors opening on their own, seeing shadows and at least one apparition, feeling hot spots, being touched, and an overall feeling of creepiness.


Field Statistics:

  • Start Time: 7:00 PM
  • Solar Ray: Normal
  • Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
  • Temperature: 47 degrees
  • Humidity: 86%
  • Wind: Calm
  • Moon: Waxing Crescent, 2% of Full
  • Type: Indoor Investigation

Conditionals: Heater turned on in residence during parts of the investigation. Fan turned on in girls' bedroom.

Investigation: Two EVP sessions were conducted in the girls' bedroom. The first was done by team members Beckie and Gary. While little to nothing was felt by them and no loud, conclusive or strange noises or voices were heard during their time spent in the room, there were two occasions during the session in which Gary’s camcorder shut off on its own for no apparent reason. Team members Keith and Linda also reported a similar phenomena happening to them later during their session in the room - Linda’s digital voice recorder turned off on its own.

Later after 10:00 PM Beckie placed a PIR motion sensor in the girl’s room, however it was never triggered by anything unseen or unexplained, and consequently yielded no results.

Two EVP sessions were also conducted in the mother's bedroom. Team members Keith and Linda were first and reported no unusual activity. Beckie and Gary on the other hand felt somewhat sick and uneasy in this room, which may have had something to do with the fan above their heads giving off an unsafe amount of EMF. They also reported hearing a quick, random sound of a ticking clock at about 9:30 PM. There was no clock in Jennifer’s room, and Beckie and Gary could not figure out what had made the noise, so this sound remains anomalous.

The living room served as the base room for the investigation, and is where the team had set up their DVR system/surveillance station. Here we were able to watch the monitor and observe/record what was going on in the other rooms where we had positioned IR cameras. This room was also where the family stayed during the investigation. The last EVP session of the night took place in this room with the family. However, no unusual activity was experienced during the session.

Please note that G.S.I. does not rely or make conclusions based solely on what are possibly psychic feelings and/or impressions. We do, however, note and document them in case they do turn out to be connected to something paranormal.


This investigation, though somewhat uneventful in terms of experiencing paranormal activity, was still an enjoyable night and an overall good experience for the team. While we could not substantiate the claims made by the clients, we were able to catch at least a couple EVPs, as well as document some of the odd events that occurred. The camcorder and recorder turning off on their own was unusual and seemingly unexplainable, and one of our recorded EVPs possibly verifies a spirit or entity turning off or affecting those pieces of equipment. In terms of personal experiences, a strange sound was heard and two team members felt nauseated, uncomfortable, and heavy in one particular room. This room did have a fan that was giving off an EMF field above what’s considered safe for long exposure, so this must be considered as a possible cause. It’s also possible that they could have been picking up on some kind of energy. Perhaps some type of negative energy. While the residence does contain some high EMF fields, all factors must be considered - both environmental and personal. The clients did admit to there being quite a bit of fighting in the residence, which could be because of or as a result of the paranormal activity/possible entity they’ve been experiencing. That kind of negative energy could be either drawn in or created from that type of environment. What must also be considered is the girls’ interest in things that some would deem dark and morbid. Especially if they could actually be scaring themselves with it. It’s also possible that at least some of the activity is poltergeist in nature, due to the fact that the girls are young teens and there is emotional stress in the home. Little activity was experienced during the investigation so it’s difficult to validate the clients. They seem truly genuine about their experiences, so it’s likely they have something going on in their home. Some type of paranormal activity appears to be present. Perhaps it was just unwilling to cooperate or could not get the energy to communicate or manifest. It should also be noted that other tenants at the location have reported paranormal activity within their residence as well, and previous investigations have taken place at this location. That being said, this location obviously has a history of being haunted (or at least having paranormal activity) and the experiences are shared among several different people and witnesses. That adds a lot to the credibility of this case, and therefore must be taken into consideration as we seek more answers and more evidence.

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