Case Files

ESPI Case File #010409 - Outlaw's Roadhouse Club (Tulsa, OK)

January 4th, 2009 

Reason for Investigation: ESPI was contacted by Sarah (bar manager) to investigate Outlaw’s Roadhouse after her and Clint (bar owner) had experienced and witnessed what they believed to be paranormal activity. The experiences included full-bodied apparitions, shadows, and the movement of inanimate objects (example: recipe box by register was thrown to the floor).


Field Statistics:

  • Start Time: 9:00 PM
  • Solar Ray: Normal
  • Geomagnetic Field: Quiet
  • Temperature: 26 degrees
  • Humidity: 37%
  • Wind: N 10 mph (gusting to 17 mph)
  • Moon: Waxing Gibbous, 57% of Full
  • Type: Indoor Investigation

Conditionals: TV and heater turned on during first hour of investigation. Bar employees smoked inside during various times of the night.


Investigation: Before the investigation had even started, people were already reporting batteries being drained. The bar employees' cell phones had died prior to all of us arriving at the location.

At 9:53 PM Beckie reported a tightening in her chest. By 9:56 PM it had become a heaviness in her chest and she was finding it difficult to breathe. At 9:58 PM the battery in Trey's digital camera died.

Beckie placed a PIR motion sensor along the wall by the tables near the entrance of the bar. At 10:50 PM the motion sensor went off when no one was in its path.

Stacey and JD sat in one of the corners of the room and, using a non-contact IR thermometer, asked for the temperature to be decreased. At 10:50 PM the temperature in that spot dropped from 62 degrees to 56 degrees. The temperature continued to increase and decrease seemingly on command. At 11:15 PM Beckie, Stacey and JD all reported getting cold chills in this corner. Stacey felt a cold blast on her arm. Beckie then put her EMF detector up to Stacey, which went from Safe (0-2.5 Milli Gauss) to Caution (2.5-7 Milli Gauss). Stacey was then asked to get out of her chair. It appeared that the seat of the chair seemed to be giving off the source of EMF. However, when measured at JD's chair (identical to Stacey's chair and right next to hers) the EMF detector remained on Safe. A picture was taken during this in which an orb is seen between Beckie and Stacey. Another picture was taken that shows an orb next to JD's arm, which coincided with a chill he was feeling there. Beckie reported feeling pains in the solar plexus in that same area around 11:25 PM. The group later tried twice more to measure the EMF spike in that same chair in the corner, but it did not repeat. The EMF detector remained on Safe.

Just a minute or so after 11:30 PM before Beckie had started her EVP session, a female laugh was heard by most of the group present. It had sounded like it came from behind the building outside. Initially it was dismissed as someone just walking by outside, but after the session was over the bar employees - Clint and Sarah - and a patron asked if the team had heard the laugh. We told them we had but thought it was just someone outside behind the building. They then informed us that no one ever walks behind the building, especially at that time of night. Furthermore, they asserted that had it been a real person, Jake the dog - who was resting calmly on the floor throughout the investigation - would have charged the back door and barked loudly. We later checked our digital voice recorders and found that the laugh had been recorded by at least two people, but not picked up by everyone.

Around 12:15 AM in the pool table area, Anna said she saw someone peeking their head around the corner next to the exit door. She then took a series of photos in which some of them had an orb in that same area of her sighting.


Around 12:25 AM in the bar area, Nancy was startled by something strange she saw over by the tables with benches along the wall. It was floating in the air above knee height. She described it as a transparent circle with a black rim - almost like a camera lens - and that it appeared to be staring at her. She stated that she saw it twice - both times it was illuminated by the flash of someone taking a picture behind her - however she was certain that it was not caused by flash burn.




At 1:15 AM Stacey, JD and Anna tried using a pendulum to communicate with spirits at the location. It appeared that they were possibly being contacted by a spirit named Lonnie. Other possible information was that Lonnie had been killed, was aware of 10 entities in the location, and that there was some sort of significance regarding the date 1998.

Please note that ESPI does not rely or make conclusions based solely on what are possibly psychic feelings and/or impressions. We do, however, note and document them in case they do turn out to be connected to something paranormal.

The investigation of Outlaw’s Roadhouse seemed very active, with many of us hearing odd noises and having experiences we could not explain. Throughout the night we also experienced interesting readings with our equipment, such as with the non-contact IR thermometer and the EMF detector, as well as the draining of batteries and anomalous functioning of our cameras, digital voice recorders and cell phones.

We also captured several apparent EVPs from the investigation, along with many photos containing orbs and other strange images, such as black masses, streaks of light, and what could be a ghost cat.

Upon researching the history of the location we were able to confirm at least one of the four (or more) supposed deaths that took place on or near the site. Death (especially caused by murder or suicide) can be very traumatic and leave powerful imprints on a place. A location where death or intense emotional energy (such as in bar fights) has taken place leaves a lot of potential for psychic phenomena - whether it be intelligent, interactive spirits or just residual energy that’s been left behind. Such anger, sadness and confusion could attract other types of entities that feed on those kind of negative emotions. However, a haunting isn’t limited to tragedy or negative experiences. Spirits could be drawn to the location for positive reasons. The bar could’ve been a favorite hangout for a past patron who frequented the location and chose to stay there in spirit form. Or just someone who liked the place so much that they still visit it on occasion, even in death.

The evidence, history of the location, and our own personal experiences do indeed seem to support Outlaw’s Roadhouse being haunted. And there’s several different reasons for why spirits might choose to haunt this bar. Some of them might have been land-based and haunted the area before the bar was ever built. Some of them might have been killed there or had a traumatic experience linked to the place. And some might just like the atmosphere of a bar. That remains unknown. What also remains unknown is when the paranormal activity first started. The activity may not have been awakened or released until building began or renovations occurred later on. If there was truly no paranormal phenomena or activity experienced before November 2008, then this could very well be the beginning of a haunting. It’s also possible that certain individuals could be attracting spirit activity or bringing it with them, or even a combination of that, plus any residual energy that could be lingering there.

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