About Me: My Paranormal History/Bio

Age: 27
Tulsa, Oklahoma
My real name is Rebecca, but I go by Beckie, and I am a ghost hunter/paranormal investigator from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been part of a few different investigation teams, where my duties included field investigation, interviewing clients and witnesses, writing up case files, 
as well as reviewing/analyzing the evidence and data collected. Even though I do try to document and record as much information and activity as possible, my personal goal as an investigator isn't necessarily to prove the paranormal exists, but to experience it. I am fascinated by this field and everything related to it. The thrill of facing my fears and the possibility of witnessing (and hopefully capturing) truly extraordinary events and entities is an exciting and sometimes unnerving adventure. And it's something that I really enjoy doing and helps fill me with a sense of purpose and meaning in my life. I am a definite believer in the paranormal, but I am still somewhat skeptical at the same time. Though I always try to remain open-minded to the possibilities. I am a serious investigator who holds a deep fascination for the paranormal, supernatural, and unknown. I am interested in all areas of the field - from ghosts and hauntings, to cryptids, to local legends, to aliens and UFOs, to psychic abilities, mysterious places, sacred sites, and anything else deemed strange, secretive, or unexplained. My fascination with the field has led me to join paranormal message boards, meetup groups, and call in to chat on Big Foot's Pad Paranormal Radio Show.

Aside from researching and investigating the supernatural from a scientific standpoint, I also want to help people cope and deal with the paranormal and the impact it has on their lives. My other goal is become more spiritual and aware of the world around me and the mysteries that surround us. And in doing so, help further my own faith and beliefs, and help myself better understand the unknown and the things I fear.

Since I was a young child, I have always been interested in the spooky and strange. My love for all things dark, creepy and mysterious was influenced by my parents, who are both fans of horror and Halloween. When it comes to the paranormal, however, I admit I didn?t think about it much as a kid. I've always believed in the possibility of ghosts and haunted houses, but I thought of those things as more like fun and games back then. It wasn?t until I was 16-years-old and attended some ghost tours with the Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa in 2003 that I really started to think of the paranormal as a real and serious part of life. That?s when ghosts and hauntings got my attention, though not enough. The ghost tours piqued my interests, but still I did not delve into the paranormal.

My mom, on the other hand, became very fascinated with ghosts and haunted places. She started watching the tv shows about ghosts and other psychic phenomena. And since they were on, I began watching them too. The two of us, along with my twin sister Jackie, would occasionally drive around town and visit some of the haunted places in Tulsa. It was during one of these trips in 2005 that I believe to have possibly had my first paranormal experience. At the Tulsa Hex House parking lot I saw what looked like a misty figure hovering over the ground. For me it was both freaky and exciting and fueled my interests in the paranormal once again. I signed up on the P.I.T.T. forums and began researching ghosts and hauntings online. But my enthusiasm died a bit after a little while, and my interests shifted elsewhere.

It was after high school when I started to become interested in the paranormal again. And this interest increased over the next several months. I began to read books on ghosts and hauntings, and was watching more paranormal-themed tv shows. I was also still researching online. In 2007 I started a message board with my sister called The Spook Files dedicated to discussing the different topics of the paranormal and other spooky things. I then had my second paranormal experience - I felt a ghost cat walk up my body while lying in bed - and again was amazed and all the more enthralled by what had happened to me. And as the months went by, the more and more I desired to be part of an investigation team. My real dream was to start my own, but I knew I had many personal obstacles to overcome before I could try doing that. Nonetheless, I started to buy and collect ghost hunting equipment. Then, in early 2008, I signed up on Meetup.com for paranormal meetups in hopes of meeting like-minded people who were as fascinated by the field as I was, and perhaps even find some potential team members.

The meetups were held at a small metaphysical store in Sand Springs called Earth and Soul. At first the response was awesome, with many people attending and sharing their psychic abilities and paranormal experiences. It was then transcended from merely being a meetup group to a ghost hunting team called ESPI - Earth and Soul Paranormal Investigations. I was later put in charge of ESPI as the Lead Investigator, Case Manager, and Team Organizer. In late October 2008 I was contacted by Jim - Founder and Lead Investigator of S.P.O.OK - Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma. Jim was looking for new members for his team, so I sent in an application. I quickly joined the group, actively participating in the investigations, evidence reviews, and team events - thus, becoming an official member of Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma.

In December of 2009 I parted ways with The Sand Springs Paranormal Meetup and ESPI. I met Keith Engel (creator of SpecterCam) at the December meetup at Earth and Soul and with a couple other people formed a new team called O.G.I. - Oklahoma Ghost Investigations (formerly G.S.I. - Ghost Scene Investigations). I also joined the new meetup group Keith began, called the Tulsa Paranormal Meetup Group, which was more of a class/workshop on investigating the paranormal and the science/technology behind it.

In March of 2010 I was removed from S.P.O.OK due to what some members believed to be conflicts between being on two active teams that were both increasing in popularity and gaining recognition.

In August of 2010 O.G.I. abruptly disbanded after certain members decided to leave to pursue other interests and projects. I myself had been wishing to return to S.P.O.OK for several months, but was denied my request to rejoin the team. In early 2013 I was invited to rejoin S.P.O.OK, but I declined, deciding it was best to go down my own path, do things my own way, and see where it takes me. However, I still remain in close contact with certain fellow investigators/friends and continue to work and investigate with some of them. I am currently a freelance investigator and continue to pursue my passion for the paranormal and the mysteries of the universe.

My favorite paranormal subjects: Ghosts/Hauntings, Cryptids, Shadow People, Men In Black, Demons/Exorcisms, & Synchronicity

My favorite paranormal entities: Shadow People, Men In Black, & Mothman

My favorite pieces of equipment: Camcorder & K-II Meter

My favorite famous paranormal case:

My favorite personal paranormal case:

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